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We are canceling practice Wednesday evening July 11th in honor of Mike Dodds funeral. 
We hope you understand and we will honor Military Appreciation night on July 18th's practice.

Help raise money for a special little girl, my great-niece, Gabby Negrete.


They are holding a fundraising event, 1st Annual Brain Injury Awareness Practice/Fun Day at their facility on July 15, 2018. This year’s proceeds will go to Gabby #GoGabbyGo Fund.  This event will not only be a prepped practice for racers, but presentations by local pro racers, bike stores, industry specialists, as well as presentations from local police, medics, and a neurosurgeon regarding brain injuries, treatment, and how to prevent them. 


Four months after Gabby was born she suffered an anoxic (without oxygen) brain injury.  This day changed the lives of everyone in our family.  She was on a ventilator for almost a week.  The prognosis was poor, but yet Gabby kept defying the odds and made small increments of progress. 


Our family has dedicated themselves to doing anything we can to improve Gabby’s quality of life, as she has improved us.  My brother once said, as long as she can feel love and give love that is all that matters.” And she has definitely done that.  This little girl has touched lives outside of our family and community. We are asking for your help to be able to continue making Gabby smile, laugh, talk, and hopefully someday walk. On the next page you will find a little bit of Gabby’s journey so far.


The upcoming fundraiser at Bar2Bar, in Maize, Kansas goal is to raise enough money for us to purchase a personal oxygen chamber for Gabby and/or additional oxygen treatments. They run around the same amount for a month of treatment.  The recommendation by the Hyperbariatric Healing Institute is for Gabby to continue to have oxygen treatments every 3 to 4 months for a month at a time.  The closest one that provided this treatment for Gabby’s type of brain injury is in Kansas City. 


*We are asking for _____


Through your kindness, we can make Gabby’s life better every day for her.  Thank you for your help in reaching our goals for Gabby.  If you have any questions, I can be reached at the information given below.


Sincerely Gabby’s Family and Friends,


Tria Cotten


Gabby’s Story – GO-Gabby-Go    


Gabby was born February 11, 2016. Just 4 months later she suffered an anoxic brain injury from a near SIDS event. 


After a couple of weeks at Wesley she was transferred to Madonna Rehab in Lincoln, Nebraska. She was there for over a month.  She continued to make small improvements, but still had huge developmental delays.


After a couple months back at home she started with a physical therapist that used a new approach of therapy called MNRI.  This method’s primarily focus is to support the integration progress of primary motor reflex patterns. Gabby has responded well to this therapy.


We also recently heard of a treatment called Bariatric Oxygen Therapy that gives 100 percent oxygen, which enhances the body’s natural healing process. With HBOT, oxygen is dissolved into all of the body’s fluids, the plasma, the central nervous system fluids, the lymph nodes, and the bone and can be carried to areas where circulation is diminished or blocked.  In this way, extra oxygen can reach all of the damaged tissues and the body can support its own healing process. 


After an MRI in Kansas City, the neurologist gave us a dismal prognosis for Gabby and told us she would have a short life span because she had no healthy brain tissue, but after seeing her defy them and show us things they said she could never do, i.e., react to voices, smile; we decided to try the HBOT in Kansas City at the Hyperbariatric Healing Institute.


Gabby’s mom and dad both work full time jobs to cover the day-to-day expense and insurance of caring for their special girl, but this treatment is not covered by insurance. It was a 4-week twice a day treatment that cost $5000.  Gabby did extremely well with these treatments that lasted 80 minutes twice a day.  Since the HBOT treatment, we have seen an increase in her personality, more of an awareness, smiling a lot, and an increased appetite. We have been able to decrease some of her medications.  We are continuously looking for ways to increase Gabby’s quality of life and will continue to look for other answers and treatments, but the HBOT treatment has shown the most success to date for Gabby. #GOGabbyGO


It's all about you the riders and your families.

Thank you for recognizing the hard work that everyone does and voting us track of the year in Kansas for 2017!

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Qualifier @ Bar 2 Bar MX: Highlights
Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier - Sunday
by Kurt Schellenberger, Glory Hog
Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier - Saturday
by Kurt Schellenberger, Glory Hog
2014 LLQ Saturday
at BAR2BAR MX April 5, 2014
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2014 LLQ Sunday
at BAR2BAR MX April 6, 2014
courtesy of Tina's Photography
at BAR2BAR MX Nov 17, 2013 
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